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    TM1 Complete! (&TM11) by Cubeware

    Cubeware TM1 Complete is designed for administrators to simplify the administration efforts and leverage the full potential of TM1.

    Team Server Monitor

    Team Server Monitor (&0704) by Cubeware

    Insight into your reports: Identify the top and flop reports, discuss the real requirements with your users and ensure sustainability and usability of your Cubeware Team Server report environment.

    Sales Navigator

    Sales Navigator (&0823) by Cubeware

    If you are looking for Business Intelligence but are afraid of long running complex projects take a look at this upcoming BISTRO app.


    Essbase Integration Framework for Importer (&2450)

    Numericon's Essbase Integration Framework for Cubeware Importer, the most efficient way to implement and manage an Essbase solution. Use completely pre-defined Importer scripts and definitions to handle Essbase processes and procedures without in depth Oracle know how.


    AX-Cube Content Asset Accounting (&2213)

    The syscon* AX-Cube content Asset Accouting adds data extraction and reports to the syscon AX-Cubeware base module.

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